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Welcome To The WORLD of Travel & Adventures

Welcome to our online real estate.  Here we are continually creating, developing, and re-developing digital concepts, platforms, and resources for the Beginning Travel Photographer/Artist.


As a budding TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER, you will encounter a unique set of initial problems.  My experience as a beginning travel photographer/artist revealed two major problems at the onset. Our main purpose is to help you solve these problems:

  • sources for initial capital to fund travel.

  • the ability to create, develop and initiate effective marketing strategies to sell my art. 

To be a travel photographer, you must travel. And, once you have created that perfect piece of photographic art you have to sell it.

Although there are other problems and pain points that you will encounter, I believe you must consider these two at the onset.

Most professional travel photography is in some way or the other linked with the tourism industry, generating imagery for magazines, brochures, advertising, merchandise, and online media. Showcasing tourist attractions, natural landscapes, hotels and resorts, cultural experiences, and outdoor adventures.

As a retiree on a limited and fixed budget starting out, my biggest obstacle was finding money to travel. In order to Photograph the world you must create travel experiences.

I always had dreams of having the opportunity to travel the world after retirement, yet I lacked the funds. Then it hit me; there must be many other people who would love to travel who simply don't have the money.

I decided to offer them solutions, so I became a “Travel Advisor”. I now offer amazing and affordable travel deals and earn commissions on sales to my clients.

These commissions in conjunction with personal travel discounts on airfare, accommodations, and ground transportation allows me to do my thing.

By offering the same opportunity to become travel agents to others “who love to travel”, I am continually creating never-ending residual income.


Skill Development

"When you encounter a hungry man, should you give him a fish so he could eat for a day? Or, do you teach him how to fish so he can feed himself for life?"

My largest obstacle, in the development of DAP, is and continues to be centered around acquiring the skills necessary to take my artistic skills to the highest level.


What Makes Us Unique

Our purpose is to provide and or share solutions and or resources for you to attack and eliminate your particular “Problems & Pain Points” based on tried and proven techniques using pre-designed infrastructures. 

What makes us unique is our pledge and commitment to providing you opportunities and resources to build never-ending residual income at the onset of starting your business.

The only missing ingredient to YOUR perfect “pie of success” is your commitment, hard work, and dedication.

If you would like to live a life of fun and adventure. If you would like to travel the world. If you would like to build a business around your passion for Travel and Photography, take the time to learn more.

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 “Travel Business Opportunity”.

Examine each page carefully, Make your life-changing declension! Sign Up and turn your passion for Travel and Photography into your LifeStyle.

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