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Digital Age Professionals”

Welcome to our online real-estate.  Here we are continually creating, developing, and re-developing marketing concepts for the ever-changing digital world.

The DAP Experience 

There are many pursuable avenues that could and should be considered when considering entering the digital business arena.  With this in mind, we are building a global digital network that will:

  • Turn the digital experience into worldwide collective consciousness.
  • Develop a collaborative network to provide a multitude of digital services.
  • Reject preconceived limitations, and explore limitless possibilities.
  • Change your concept of work from dread, into eager anticipation because you enjoy what it is you do.
  • Solve Problems while creating vast opportunities.

The foundation of” Digital Age Professionals”(DAP) is built on marketing concepts designed, developed, and produced by Six Figure Mentors (SFM).  Their platform provides the broad base necessary to succeed in any field within the framework of the digital world.

As an SFM affiliate, we were introduced to the concept of E-Mail Marketing.  Our effective campaigns are designed and developed in conjunction with industry leader, AWeber.

AWeber is the original email automation platform that continuously provides innovative automation capabilities to its customers.

As a new AWeber affiliate, we have now extended our “problem-solving services” to include the creation and implementation of innovative and successful email marketing strategies.

Using SFM & AWeber’s tried and proven sales funnels, necessary technical platforms, coupled with outstanding coaching, we have launched a global company with unspeakable marketing possibilities.

  • We create with purpose in mind, aimed at a better world.
  • We provide directions/instructions.
  • We develop an awareness of concepts and Ideals.
  • We embrace the motto of; “Learn-Do-Teach”. Giving back by passing on what we have learned.
  • We initiate collaborations with like-minded Entrepreneurs.
  • We Motivate & Inspire.
  • We are bound and determined to become a catalyst that drives man’s continual spiritual evolution.

The pivotal piece included in the SFM/AWeber infrastructure is the inclusion of educational platforms that are second to none, for continual learning in an ever-changing digital environment.

There are literally thousands of courses, informative coaching videos, newsletters, and blogs provided to SFM/AWeber members.  All anchored by award-winning Customer Service.

Used properly, members have the unique opportunity to develop any digital business, within the niche of their particular interest.  When you work doing what you love, work is no longer considered to be work.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide solutions for your “Problems & Pain Points” based on tried and proven techniques using pre-designed infrastructures.  The only missing ingredient to the perfect “pie of success” is your hard work and dedication

In your quest to achieve your ideal life, you are probably bombarded with a multitude of “get rich schemes”.  In contrast, we believe in “Cause & Effect”.  Simply put the effect that you create will be in direct proportion to your individual effort.  You the individual are the cause.  Your reward for your work is the creation of a lifestyle of your choosing.

To be in harmony with the universe, you must do the right thing at the right time. (the “law of rhythm”)  Like a musician, you must play the right note at the right time or the whole composition is off.

Now is the time to play your note.  Take control of your life. If you would like to learn more, then click the “How It Works” tab at the top of the page.

Or better yet.  If you are ready to dive in, for a limited time I am providing you a unique opportunity to start your new life totally FREE.  Where else can you launch a new business venture at No Cost?  This will allow you to start immediately at no risk.  Simply click the banner below and create your new life by building a digital business based on whatever it is that YOU love.


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