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Hi I am Willie

Welcome to my personal site! I appreciate you stopping by to check out my bio and learn more about me and my business.

You are probably here because you are considering a business within the framework of digital marketing. Let me say, right off the bat, that I do not promise instant success, and my affiliates and I never promote “Get Rich” schemes.

What we do share is a number of legitimate tried and proven techniques, developed by Six Figure Mentors (SFM) that will ultimately provide results with a nominal investment of money and a relative investment in time. All while maintaining complete personal freedom!

What makes us unique is our commitment to positive personal values and guiding principles..We are committed to helping like minded individuals achieve the lifestyle of their dreams. This commitment leads to my purpose which is; “ to have a positive impact on the lives of others”

With all that being said please let me continue to introduce myself. When you consider investing in anything involving partners, the most important question is; Who are these people?

My Family:

I have five amazing children; three sons and two daughters. All have done quite well in their young adult lives. These lovely children have awarded me with twelve grandchildren who live all over the country, making it very difficult to spread myself between them.

Primary Residence:

Biloxi MS, United States of America

My Market:

The world is my stage. My market consist of anyone who is serious about creating a prosperous lifestyle by building a “Digital Marketing Business”. A business structured around freedom. Freedom to work from anywhere, plus the ability to create and maintain their desired schedule. These these serious mined individuals should align themselves with positivepersonal values and guiding principles.

My Company:

Digital Age Professionals

Favorite Books: (click the links for available FREE downloads)

“The Secret” by Rhoda Byne

“As A Man Thinketh” by James Allen

“ Think and Grow Rich” by Nepolon Hill

“The Master Key System” Charles F Haanel

Favorite Quotes:

“Self Reverence, Self Knowledge, Self Control ...these three alone bring about Sovereign Power”..Alford Lord Tension

“Simply Become Who You Are” ...Unknown

“ You must BE, before You can Do, You can only Do to the extent of who You Are, and You Are what You Think” ...Unknown

“The germ of defeat is Selfishness” ...Charles F. Hannel

My Top Six Life Values:

  • Spirituality
  • Family
  • Love
  • Integrity
  • Success
  • Freedom

My Guiding Principles:

  • Replace Judgment with Understanding
  • Do unto others, as I would have them do unto me
  • Listen from the other's perspective; speak from mine
  • “Life's greatest mystery is who we truly are.” strive to know who that is and be true to that person.
  • Check in with my heart.
  • Forever student; forever teacher
  • To be deeply fulfilled by all that I do
  • “designa tuam vitam” (chose your life)

At the age of 65 I found myself wanting more out of life than my retirement income was providing. All my life I have done all the “normal” things I was supposed to do in order have what would be commonly called a “good life”. Yet things involved in what I call an ideal life had eluded me and I am sure, the same holds true with most.

My “Self” evaluation reveals, my passion for my fellow man. Some time ago this passion led to the development of a non-profit business, (501 (c)(3)) , designed to address the needs of underprivileged , undeserved, and under-represented people and communities. My burning desire is, and has always been to help others achieve “Positive Mindsets” and live life to the fullest.

Initially our “community development corporation” focus was to create and established programs based on asset development and retention. The creation of economic resources including Housing, and Small Business.

Sustainability became an issue. Which brought me to the realization that “True” community development must address the UNDERSTANDING of the personal power within the individuals which make up the communities. All power comes from within.

This UNDERSTANDING, led to a change in tactics, and strategies. We then began to develop programs that ; first addressed “Spirituality” (Self Reverence, Self Knowledge, Self Control), secondly Education( Critical Thinking, Reading/Language Skill Development), and finally, Health. (Healthy Eating, Community Gardening) Simply put my focus then and now is the promotion of HEALTH, WEALTH, & LOVE!

I now UNDERSTAND that this concept could and should be directed to any and all that wish to improve their life, their family life, their communities, their country, and the world. Not just the “underprivileged”, but ALL. I now bring that concept to my for profit business. (DAP)

At retirement, I found myself living within the confines of a very modest income. So, to live like I DESERVE to live I had to find a way to augment my retirement income. The only option in my mind was to create a profitable business.

It was also very important to me that my business had to be in line with my PURPOSE. I firmly believe we all have a purpose or purposes. As stated earlier my main purpose is to;” have a truly positive impact on the lives of others”. Our purpose should be aligned with the betterment and uplifting of humanity.

So I made a commitment to myself. My business had to not only help me, but it had to benefit others. It had to align with my “purpose”. It had to align with my “personal values” and my “guiding principles” It had to provide the same benefits to my customers/friends as it does to me. And it all begins with my UNDERSTANDING of the “Power Within”.

Every transaction must benefit every person involved in that transaction. “ The germ of defeat is in every selfish thought”... Charles Haanel.

I was also looking for a business that would:

  • provide the freedom to work from anywhere
  • have no need for employees
  • involve no cold call selling
  • require no need for huge amounts of investment capital
  • have no limitation of income potential
  • have no limit to marketing area

So my search began. What I found was a concept call “Digital Marketing”. I made comparisons between regular business (bricks and mortar) and internet based business.

I found two very important differences; first, there is no need for a physical building therefore giving you the freedom to work from anywhere, secondly, internet business requires a much smaller investment in start up capital. (traditionally there would be rent/lease, utilities, employees, equipment, etc).


But, I think the biggest advantage lies in “Market Area”. Think about it; lets say you owned a grocery store, or a McDonald franchise, you are basically limited to customers that come into your store, basically from your immediate communities. But, with online marketing your customer base, your community, is “World Wide”. Anyone can visit your store at any hour!

I don't want it to seam like there are no draw backs to digital marketing, because there are. First of all you will find literally thousands of online marketers. Most of which offer immediate results. There are no short cuts. To be successful in anything you must put forth the necessary time and effort.

Our success (DAP) lies in our uniqueness. Our concept is what I call “holistic”, our approach to teaching, learning, and sharing our strategies is to address the overall person Our initial concern is the thought process. We believe positive think yield positive results. “As A Man Thinketh, So Is He”. We then help develop an UNDERSTANDING of the laws of “Attraction”, and “Reciprocity”,

The process then moves on to develop and UNDERSTANDING of “Self”, and exactly what you want. From there you can develop a Business Plan. (Road Map). How can you arrive at any destination without knowing who you are, and how you are going to get there?

My desire is to achieve the success, and freedom rewards of digital marketing. It is also to help others achieve the same in order to live their life to the fullest. Taking it a step further, it is our aim that this strategy will teach all involved that the point of Life is to give back to the collective human race, ultimately creating a highly advanced and loving society.

Now stop, step back, and take a moment to re-access your current situation. Is you problem the same as most? Are you involved in a job or business that is stopping you from living the life you really want to live?


Are you:

  • unhappy with your current job or business?
  • dissatisfied with the amount of time you spend with family?
  • adequately compensated for the time you spend working?
  • faced with a morning commute?
  • locked into a daily 9 to 5?
  • insecure, not knowing if your job will continue to exist?
  • working within a limited market?

Now Think, Visualize, Imagine, believe, and Manifest.

Visualize; waking up in the morning in the place of your dreams, at a time of your choosing, having the breakfast of your choice. Picture yourself beginning your work day from the porch of your bungalow by simply opening your lap top. And so begins a perfect day!


  • Working from anywhere in the world
  • Choosing the hours and time that you work
  • Unlimited Income
  • Unlimited Marketing Area

Visualization is the first component of Imagination. Now Imagine all that you just Visualized. See it, hear it, smell it, feel it. Now add the The final ingredient which is Belief.

Belief is the energy of the universe that ignites the quantum field into action. It is belief that energizes Visualization, and Imagination into Manifestation.


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