Health Wealth Love

I have come to realize that my purpose in life, in simple terms is; to promote Health Wealth and Love.  It is truly a blessing to be able to enjoy my daily life uplifting humanity by fulfilling my purpose.

When you think about it Health, Wealth, and Love combined are the foundation on which true happiness is built.  Man’s greatest aspiration should be for, him and his family to enjoy life in good health, filled with an abundance of wealth and love.

There is great debate as to which comes first or, which is more important.  I have come to the conclusion, that the order does not matter.  To be lacking in either results in unhappiness.

I think we all would agree that the driving force in the universe is “Love”.  I also think that all would agree that without good health, happiness is impossible. However, there arrises uncertainty about wealth.  The question arises; can you be truly happy while experiencing lack?

Motives of Man

In his book “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill identified nine basic motives of man. 

  1. Self Preservation (Health & Wealth)
  2. Financial Gain (Wealth)
  3. Love
  4. Sexuality
  5. Desire for power and fame
  6. Fear
  7. Revenge
  8. Freedom of body and mind
  9. Desire to create

While Mr. Hill wrote in reference to selling techniques, these motives are inherent in all.

If you will note Health, Wealth, and Love are at the very top of the list.  Man was created by “Divine Providence” (God) to enjoy the abundance of the universe.  And, the abundance of these three attributes is uppermost. 

Beliefs and Thoughts

Man is limited only by disempowering beliefs and erroneous thinking.  Strangely enough, most of our disempowering beliefs come from erroneous religious teachings.

Teachings derived from passages such as; “ the love of money is the root of all evil”.  Or, “it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into heaven”. 

Please, examine such text more thoroughly.  Passages are often misunderstood.  And sometimes, further study may reveal other passages that should be examined.

Take a look at this passage;

Ecclesiastes 10:19 …a feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.

Now, what do you think?  Regardless of what you think, you probably can’t argue with the fact that financial condition directly affects all three of these very important areas.

We must have money.  Money is only a medium of exchange that is used as a tool to not only satisfy necessities but to also forge a lifestyle.  You get to choose your lifestyle.

It is “only” your thinking that determines your lifestyle.  With thoughts of Health Wealth and Love, you create circumstances that in turn manifest the desired environment.  Therefore, you get to enjoy your life.  On the other hand, thoughts rooted in fear, produce poverty, lack, and ill-health.

My thoughts of an abundant lifestyle led me to the creation of Digital Age Professionals. Built on the Six Figure Mentors, affiliate marketing platform I now lead a lifestyle of complete freedom.  I get the opportunity to promote Health Wealth and Love while I travel the world enjoying my two greatest passions; writing and photography.

I hope I have given you “Adequate Motive” to Create a business that satisfies the basic motives within your being. Join us, and turn your passion into the lifestyle of your desire.



Creative Thinking

This one-word question resonates at the foundation in the development of our understanding.  In an effort to understand any subject within the whole of our universe we always begin our investigation based on interrogatives.  Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, and How-come lies at the root of both intellectual, and spiritual understanding.

Every parent, grandparent, teacher, babysitter that exist has at some time been bombarded with the daunting question of Why.  They then desperately attempt to answer, usually with little success.  Every answer always leads to another “Why”.

In an effort to know and understand myself I too am always faced with this daunting question.  As I contemplate my being, or my existence, one why always leads to another, and another, and another.

This morning I was awakened with a somewhat disturbing thought.  If I am faced with this challenge in my spiritual quest, the same must hold true for everyone who really desires to know themselves and how they fit within our magnificent universe.

Beware, the contemplation of “self”, is covertly discouraged by the creators of this “Constructed Society”.  A society that is being directed toward what is termed “The New World Order” where totalitarianism is the aim. To know thy self is considered to be taboo.

If we begin to ask why in regard to ourselves and how we fit into the universal scheme, the truth about who we are begins to unfold.  The power we possess as individualized yet connected spiritual beings comes to light.

Man is an individualized spirit created in the image and likeness of “Universal Spirit” (God).  The omnipresence, omniscience, and the omnipotent attributes of God, powers man to be the creators of the world. The creators of this “Constructed Society”, have an “Absolute Understanding” of the creative power of thought given to man as a “Child of God”.  This understanding forged the “Matrix” we now live in.

The only weapon that we have to counteract the advancement of totalitarianism, is our personal individual understanding of this same power.  Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote; “Self Reverence, Self Knowledge, Self Control…these three alone lead to Sovereign Power”.

Now contemplate the condition of the world, and the systems that dictate our well being. Our political, educational, health care, judicial, religious, arts/media, and agricultural systems.

At the end of your contemplation ask yourself Why.  Why are you like you are?  Why are other individuals like they are?  Why is society like it is?  The answers will explain WHY we are in the mess that we are in!

Why now becomes the same annoyance produced by your most inquisitive grandchild.  Each answer opens up a whole new concept of life, which leads to another Why. 

I submit to you the answer to why the world is like it is so obvious.  Simply put, we are here because ALL the systems of our world which we depend on to protect, lead, and guide us are created, established, and founded on two principles; PROFIT & POWER. 

This idea, this thought, this suggestion goes against every fiber of our preconceived belief.  We believe that each one of these systems protects us from harm in whatever capacity they serve.  Change is blocked because the average individual refuses to challenge their belief in support of these systems.  Please understand, by nature, a belief is only true because you believe it to be true. CHALLENGE ALL YOUR BELIEFS!

I submit to you, the answer to the question as to why society is in its present state resides in the profound quest by man to succeed through and by, the creation of  PROFIT & POWER!

The Fear of Truth; What Makes Us Run From Truth?

Fear of Truth

We find ourselves living in a most interesting era, where society seems to be moving in opposite, yet parallel directions.  We are beginning to acknowledge the significance, and power of “Thought based on Truth”.  Yet we run from Truth as if it were a venomous serpent.

We are moving into a new age.  An age where the last frontier is not infinite space, or within the confines of the ocean, nor is it anywhere within the sphere of the earth.  This new frontier lies within the understanding of the omnipresent “Universal Mind”, in relation to man.

This  “Aquarian”, age of transformation, grows from the roots of Truth.  The truth about the “creative principle of thought”.  The understanding of the power of thought is considered to be the greatest discovery of all time.  Correct thinking grounded in Truth, ignited and fueled by the emotion of love is the key.

We should seek Truth in all aspects of life.  Most importantly we must seek the Truth about our universe and how man relates to the whole of it.  The truth about the Universal Spirit, Mind, and Energy, commonly called God.   The Truth about our human connection to the whole of the universe, even though we function as Individualized Spirit.

There are those who actually know and have known and accepted the Truth about the power of the mind, and then there are those who have not yet come to “Absolute Understanding” of who we are and the power we possess through thought. 

Those that have come to realize the power of the mind of man, and how that mind works in conjunction with the Universal Mind, have excelled to enormous heights.  They understand that the Universal Mind is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscience, and that the universe is guided by “Natural Laws”.   These individuals have used the spiritual power within them (cause) to create a network of influential power (effect) throughout the world.  Thus, the continual  construction of,“The New World Order”.

The advancement of this power consortium is moving at a rapid pace toward the creation of a state of “Totalitarianism”.  Centralized world control by autocratic authority;  a political concept that places the citizen under one absolute worldwide authority.   Ideas such as worldwide baking and education systems paired with global communication and artificial intelligence.  All created under the guise of global alliance, which stimulates world trade, and ignites “global consumerism”.  Ideas that have created the matrix in which we now live and have our being. 

Then there are those less fortunate beings who are just now coming to an understanding of “Truth” in regard to how our universe functions.  It seems that the larger number of earth’s inhabitants have allowed dis-empowering beliefs to cloud Truth.  We fear Truth simply because Truth challenges our preconceived beliefs.

These preconceived beliefs are the causes for the circumstances, and the environment in which we live.  Our thoughts are directed by our beliefs, and our thoughts lead to actions whether positive or negative.  Our beliefs manifest into reality.

Those of us who refuse to challenge our beliefs. have been thoroughly immersed in the oil of deceit. This well-defined oil has the viscosity of quicksand.  The more you struggle to get out of this deception, the deeper you sink. 

Engulfed, we now become the very oil that lubricates the system.  A system oiled by our ignorance and powered by our labor that produces the currency which fuels this global system of consumerism.  

So how do we change our circumstances?  We must challenge our beliefs!  We must seek TRUTH!  The truth about God’s Universe, and how we are all connected beings functioning as individualized Spirit.  The truth about our creative ability using the power of correct thinking impressed upon the Universal Mind of God.  These principals of Truth must be told to each generation, and to every people in new and varied ways.

We must take a better look at the conflict between science and theology.  We must study and compare religions.  We must understand that all our power comes from within (the Kingdom of God is within).  We must understand that thought is the controlling principle of the universe, and that correct thinking creates desirable environments and circumstances.  These efforts will destroy traditional ways of thinking which have become antiquated, and impotent.

We must also develop new ways of participating in this global economy.  We must change our position as common laborers and consumers to the status of producers.  The creation of income-producing entities will reverse the situation.  This is where the positive connects with the negative and creates the power to create your ideal environment.  Change your way of thinking, change your circumstances.

We are standing on the doorstep of a new era.  The common man is finally learning the secrets of his mastery, thereby ushering out the “New World Order” and ushering in a “New Social Order”.  More wonderful than anything imagined.