DAP Services

We have designed our company to provide a deeper understanding of the spiritual laws of the universe for entrepreneurial success. Our services simply assist you in reaching your goals and objectives within the niche of your choosing.  Use our services to help you create the lifestyle you are meant to have!

Affiliate Marketing Platform

The foundation of our business is the Six Figure Mentors affiliate marketing program.  This very valuable tried and tested platform provides everything necessary to design, develop, and continually grow your business.  

Spiritual/inspirational Business Coaching

Our unique business model is based on the understanding, and use of the spiritual laws of success.  While others have opened the door, building on the concept of “ The Law of Attraction”, we take it steps further.

You will automatically be provided with access to superior learning, coaching, and mentorship from within the SFM network.   We (DAP) then offer additional coaching on the use of universal laws. This, of course, will assist in the development of your unique brand.  

The driving force of our unique business model is based on our ability to provide you with additional resources. Resources that will aid in the development of the power within.  The innate, God-given power within each of us.  The power to create!

Within the pages of our monthly newsletter, and our blogs can be found links to lots of FREE resources.  Entering into any business initiates a never-ending learning curve.  These FREE resources are indispensable.

Marketing Consultation

Our whole effort is to acquire customers and help you acquire customers.  What makes us so valuable is our unique approach to marketing based on your unique “personal values”, and “guiding principles”.   Whether your business is brick and mortar or virtual, we can help you develop a personalized plan within your niche.

Initially, we help you identify your customer avatar. A successful plan can then be developed to attract targeted groups specific to your niche.

Social media at present is uppermost in the marketing arena. Using combinations of social media, email, ads, blog posts, articles, and newsletter campaigns, we will help you develop a feasible plan.

Of course, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the foundation of your marketing success.  Guided by SFM, coupled with our additional resources we are able to help you reach your ultimate goal.

Digital Imaging 

Images are invaluable for the creation of marketable websites. We provide high-quality digital images to assist you in the design of inviting web pages, emails, articles, and blogs.  

These unique commercial, editorial, and fine art images have been produced from a multitude of locations both domestic and foreign.  Additionally, we are able to create stunning portraits, backgrounds, banners, product, and featured images.  Your webpage design is the foundation for your success. Let us help you succeed. 

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