This one-word question resonates at the foundation in the development of our understanding.  In an effort to understand any subject within the whole of our universe we always begin our investigation based on interrogatives.  Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, and How-come lies at the root of both intellectual, and spiritual understanding.

Every parent, grandparent, teacher, babysitter that exist has at some time been bombarded with the daunting question of Why.  They then desperately attempt to answer, usually with little success.  Every answer always leads to another “Why”.

In an effort to know and understand myself I too am always faced with this daunting question.  As I contemplate my being, or my existence, one why always leads to another, and another, and another.

This morning I was awakened with a somewhat disturbing thought.  If I am faced with this challenge in my spiritual quest, the same must hold true for everyone who really desires to know themselves and how they fit within our magnificent universe.

Beware, the contemplation of “self”, is covertly discouraged by the creators of this “Constructed Society”.  A society that is being directed toward what is termed “The New World Order” where totalitarianism is the aim.  To “Know Thy Self”, is considered Taboo!

If we begin to ask why in regard to ourselves and how we fit into the universal scheme, the truth about who we are begins to unfold.  The power we possess as individualized yet connected spiritual beings comes to light.

Man is an individualized spirit created in the image and likeness of “Universal Spirit” (God).  The omnipresence, omniscience, and the omnipotent attributes of God, powers man to be the creators of the world. The creators of this “Constructed Society”, have an “Absolute Understanding” of the creative power of Thought given to man as a “Child of God”.  This understanding forged the “Matrix” we now live in.

The only weapon that we have to counteract the advancement of totalitarianism, is our personal individual understanding of this same power.  Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote; “Self Reverence, Self Knowledge, Self Control…these three alone lead to Sovereign Power”.

Now contemplate the condition of the world, and the systems that dictate our well being. Our political, educational, health care, judicial, religious, arts/media, and agricultural systems.

At the end of your contemplation ask yourself Why.  Why are you like you are?  Why are other individuals like they are?  Why is society like it is?  The answers will explain WHY we are in the mess that we are in!

Why now becomes the same annoyance produced by your most inquisitive grandchild.  Each answer opens up a whole new concept of life, which leads to another Why. 

I submit to you the answer to why the world is like it is so obvious.  Simply put, we are here because ALL the systems of our world which we depend on to protect, lead, and guide us are created, established, and founded on two principles; PROFIT & POWER. 

This idea, this thought, this suggestion goes against every fiber of our preconceived belief.  We believe that each one of these systems protects us from harm in whatever capacity they serve.  Change is blocked because the average individual refuses to challenge their belief in support of these systems.  Please understand, by nature, a belief is only true because you believe it to be true. CHALLENGE ALL YOUR BELIEFS!

I submit to you, the answer to the question as to why society is in its present state resides in the profound quest by man to succeed through and by, the creation of  PROFIT & POWER!

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